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2024-04-22 14:00

Be right with Breast Cancer Management.

EIT Health-funded BRIGHT investigates stratified breast cancer screening based on genetic risk estimated with polygenic risk scores. This involves assessing women for their genetic predisposition to breast cancer from the age of 35 or 40 and provide personalized risk-based screening recommendations. The project includes clinical studies in Estonia, Sweden, and Portugal. The seminar presents preliminary results and discusses the challenges and opportunities related to its implementation in healthcare.

14–14.05 Welcome and Introductions, Presenter - Ass. Prof. Inna Feldman, Region Uppsala

14.05–14.15 Bright Project, Presenter - Prof. Neeme Tõnisson, University of Tartu

14.15–14.40 Clinical Study in Uppsala, Presenter - Ass. Prof. Inna Feldman, Region Uppsala, Ass. Prof. Andreas Karakatsanis, Uppsala University Hospital

14.40–14.55 Bright Results from Other Countries - Estonia and Norway, Presenter - Dr. Krista Kruuv-Käo, Antegenes Estonia

14.55–15.10 Bright Results from Other Countries - Portugal, Presenter - Prof. Luis Costa, Hospital de Santa Maria

15.10–15.35 Preliminary Cost-Effectiveness Results, Presenter - Ass. Prof. Filipa Sampaio, Region Uppsala

15.35–16 Panel Discussion, Moderator - Dr. Robert Kristiansson, Region Uppsala

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