Welcome to ATMP center Uppsala

The purpose of the ATMP Center Uppsala is to ensure that patients, today and in the future, have access to advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP).

ATMP center Uppsala is a collaboration between Uppsala University Hospital, Region Uppsala and Uppsala University and has a coordinating function within the health care system that aims to support researchers and health care professionals in the development and implementation of ATMP.

ATMP center Uppsala is a virtual center and serves as a gathering point for the functions that work with ATMP within the hospital and the university and also as a contact for external parties who, for example, provide new ATMP for our patients. It brings together all the different initiatives that have ATMPs as a common denominator, as well as support functions that can guide and assist in the development or introduction of new ATMPs.

For information in Swedish, please visit this page ATMP-centrum

Welcome to an ATMP network meeting on March 5!

Stem cells in space and invisible cells in diabetes research

ATMP Center Uppsala welcomes you to the first network meeting of the year for everyone interested in research and clinical development of ATMP. The center will support researchers and professionals at Uppsala University Hospital and Uppsala University in research involving drugs for advanced therapy (cell- and gene therapies and tissue engineering products).

To enable more collaborations in this area in Uppsala, we want to invite you to a series of informal and interesting network meetings. Here, researchers, clinicians and companies in the field meet to get to know each other and exchange knowledge and ideas about ATMP.

This is a co-organised event between Uppsala University, Uppsala University Hospital and Region Uppsala.


The future of the Uppsala ATMP center
Hannah Karlsson, coordinator of the Uppsala ATMP Center

Transplantation of genetically modified, hypoimmune insulin-producing cells
Per-Ola Carlsson, senior physician and professor of diabetes at Uppsala University Hospital/Uppsala University

Stem cells in microgravity
Elena Kozlova, professor of regenerative neurobiology at Uppsala University

Snacks and mingle

Registration: Nätverksträff med ATMP Uppsala (ungpd.com)

Do you want a quick overview and understanding of ATMPs?

Läkemedelsakademin provides a 15-minute introductory course on ATMP. The course is developed within ATMP2030 - a vision-driven innovation environment with funding from Vinnova. As a partner in the project, the Swedish Medical Products Agency has participated in the development and quality review of the course. It is free of charge and available in both Swedish and English.

 Introduction to Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products – ATMP