Development fund

The University Hospital development fund was founded by the hospital board to support the development of diagnostics, treatment, nursing and organisation. The proceeds of the fund are distributed as grants to hospital staff, who apply for financial assistance for important development projects.

The foundation gratefully receives contributions and legacies, which are managed skilfully and with care. If preferred, donors can earmark their contribution for a particular activity or illness. Grants are distributed in accordance with the donors' wishes and the guidelines in the foundation statutes.

When a donation is made in memory of a person, the fund sends a message to the relatives if the details are stated with the donation.

Anna Liljestam Hurtigh

Support the fund by sending a contribution to
Plusgiro account number: 90 02 92-4
Bankgiro account number: 900-2924

The University Hospital Children's Fund

The purpose of this fund is to encourage sick children to play more, in the right way, in the right environment. Play releases anger, fear and happiness; play replenishes energy reserves and strengthens muscles; but most of all, play helps children to work through the bad and find a bit of light in their everyday existence.

The money raised by the fund goes towards toys, games and cultural events for children under treatment at the University Hospital. The fund also raises money for bigger projects.

The University Hospital Children's Fund is run by an independent foundation. The fund was established in 2005. 

You can get in touch via the hospital switchboard or via

The Birth Fund

Expecting and giving birth to a baby is a major experience. However, unfortunately, the experience may not always be positive. Some babies are born too soon, or become ill in the womb. Babies can be born with heart defects, infections or birth injuries.

The Birth Fund's aim is to promote scientific research into the health of mothers and babies during pregnancy and birth, but also during the first months of the child's life.

The Birth Fund is run by an independent foundation. The fund was established in 1982.