Work for us

Work for us

Working att Akademiska will provide you something unique

We are a large hospital in a small town, with international networks and a personal approach. As Sweden´s leading university hospital, we provide highly specialized care and operate at the forefront of medical technology and everything we do, we do with great commitment and expertise. Coming from abroad, we´d love for you to join Akademiska. Therefore, we have gathered some useful information.

Education outside of the EU/EEA

We are thrilled to see that you are interested in working with us- 8000 colleagues just as protective of our expertise as we are of the relationships between our employees, patients and relatives. If you were educated outside EU/EEA but awarded with a license in an EU/EEA country and practiced under that license for at least three years, you can apply as if your education were in an EU/EEA country.

Are you a physican or nurse? To apply for a vacancy, you need to be proficient in Swedish, well acquinted with current health care legislation and hold a Swedish professional license to practice.

Physicians with specialist qualifications

Along with your license application, you must go through a six-month probationary period. Applying for this, you need to submit order from National Board of Health and Welfare concerning the area of specialization, certificate of laguage level and a Curriculum Vitae. After receiving your license, you can start your specialist training (which we call ST). The standard period of this is five years but you may include time from previous specialist training and thereby shorten it.

Physicians without specialist qualifications

You need to start by taking a proficiency test, followed by doing an internship (which we call AT) for 18-21 months. This is required even if you have practiced medicine as a doctor abroad.

Nurse with or without specialist qualifications

You need to take a medical proficiency test as well as a test on Swedish legislation. You also need to spend two weeks of hospitation in primary care. After that, you perform a training period within medicine, surgery or geriatric during three month or longer.

Education within the EU/EEA

Our days all evolve around people who put their lives in our hands- a great responsibility of which we are proud of. With you, we can continue to make an essential difference. If you hold a medical license issued within the EU/EEA, or in Switzerland, you are entitled to a Swedish professional license to practice. Applying for a physician or nurse vacancy with us requires a license along with proficiency in Swedish and acquaintance with current health care legislation.

Physician and nurse withour specialist qualifications

To receive specialist qualifications, it requires a training period of five years, after which the National Board of Health and Welfare will provide your certificate.