Hospital Chaplaincy

Hands holding each other.

The office of the hospital chaplaincy is by entrance 70. Both you and your relatives are welcome to contact us. Service times are displayed on a notice board in each ward.

There is a meditation room available on the ground floor by entrance 85 and at the entrance floor at entrance 10.

The hospital chaiplancyoffers support, individual visits and pastoral care.organises regular christian services in the meditation room at entrance 85.offers individual prayers/Holy Communionperforms christenings in crisis situationorganises contact witn the patient's local church and representatives from different religionsparticipates in training situations and staff groups.

Hospital chaplaincy consisting of clergy, pastor, deacons and coordinators for the Christian churches, Islam and Buddhist tradition

Contact us through the hospital switchboard or by nursing staff.

On thursdays 11.15 we celebrate communion service at entrance 85.
Contact us at 018-611 34 90 or by the switch 018-611 00 00.