Uppsala Care

Welcome to Akademiska sjukhuset – Uppsala University Hospital and Uppsala Care.

 Akademiska sjukhuset is one of the largest hospitals in Sweden and the oldest university hospital in the country. The hospital employs a great many world-leading specialists who provide successful and advanced healthcare services. Thanks to a close working relationship with Uppsala University, the hospital has strong traditions in the field of research, and our patients have access to the latest advances, new technologies and unique treatment methods.

Uppsala Care looks after international patients seeking highly specialised healthcare. As we are a fully integrated part of Akademiska sjukhuset, our patients have access to the full range of skills, professionalism and experience that makes up the hospital's 300 years of history. Our services are popular. In 2014 alone, we received more than 350 patients from 42 different countries.

We who work at Uppsala Care take pride in making sure you feel secure, confident and welcome when you seek care at Akademiska sjukhuset – Uppsala University Hospital. It is our pleasure to help you with all the practical matters associated with your visit.

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Uppsala University Hospital Uppsala Care, entrance 61, 8th floor S-751 85 Uppsala SWEDEN

Phone: +46 18 611 22 97 Fax: +46 18 55 15 23

E-mail: uppsala.care@akademiska.se