Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory Medicine

Akademiska Laboratory has a repertoire of more than 800 different investigations and performs more than 6.8 million tests/year. The laboratory has developed a total quality management system and most parts are accredited according to EN/ISO 15189 and certified also concerning environmental aspects. Parts of Blood transfusion and Immunology are certified also by The Swedish Medical Products Agency and by European and American bodies.

Our goal is to facilitate different aspects of our healthcare system and deliver timely medical information with the highest quality.

The medical information and support delivered by the Akademiska Laboratory are highly cost-effective and enhance the safety and quality for our patient.

Akademiska Laboratory delivers products, assays, support and consultations both to health and medical care but also to research projects and clinical trials.

Maria Engedahl Laboratory Director

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Telephone number: 018-611 27 00

Anna Lundgren, Verksamhetsutvecklare,
Telephone number: 018-611 16 59

Maria Engedahl, Verksamhetschef
Telephone number: 018-611 31 72

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Laboratory Medicine
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