Clinical Chemistry and Pharmacology


The department of Clinical Chemistry and Pharmacology in Uppsala and Enköping provides a 24 hour services all year round. It handles approximately 1 million test tubes and delivers more than 9 million analytical results per year. The department is accredited according to EN/ISO 15189.

The department's work is concentrated around logistics, preanalysis, quality assurance (QA), diagnostics, therapy, treatment and follow-up of diseases. The main areas of research are inflammation, coagulation, endocrinology, point-of-care testing, pharmacogenetics and oncology.

Mailing address

Clinical Chemistry and Pharmacology
Entrance 61 2nd floor
Uppsala University Hospital
SE 751 85 UPPSALA Sweden

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Sampling instructions

Sampling instructions can be found on our website "SÖK ANALYS / (in Swedish) . Place the cursor in the search field "Sök analys" press enter and a complete list of our analyzes and services will be listed. The information is in Swedish. If you have any questions, please contact us.