Childbirth and maternity department


From gestational week 22, please contact maternity ward.
You can reach us at: 018-611 57 27 or 018-611 57 00

Restraining order applies to all visitors except healthy partner to childbirth and maternity wards.

For questions, contact: 018-611 57 27


018-611 57 00

Entrance information

Akademiska sjukhuset, Ing 96

Welcome to Childbirth and maternity department!

We provide maternity care for expectant mothers from Uppsala County and if capacity allows, we will accept women from outside our local catchment area. We also accept women with complicated pregnancies from within our region. We work closely with paediatricians and the neonatal unit.

The department is divided into three floors. We are a teaching hospital and therefore have medical, midwifery and nursing students within our team.

At the University Hospital, approximately 4000 children per year are born, which is 11 children per day.