Emergency Department


At 1177.se you can find information about diseases and examinations.  

You can also call 1177 all day and night for medical advice.



For life-threatening injuries, call 112.

Do you have questions about your illness or injury? Call the 1177 Care Guide.

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Opening hours
monday - sunday 0-23.59

Entrance information

Akademiska sjukhuset, IngÄng 60, bv

Welcome to the Emergency Department of Uppsala University Hospital.

We receive patients over 15 years of age for abdominal, skull and skeletal injuries. For medical emergencies, we receive patients over 18 years of age. Very serious patients who are transported by ambulance are admitted to the emergency room regardless of age.

When you get ill


On the website 1177.se you will find articles about illnesses, examinations and treatments. Some of this information is available in other languages.
Healthcare Guide 1177 consists of information, inspiration and e-services for health and healthcare. 1177 is the number for joint services provided to the general public by the county councils and regions.

Medical advice by telephone

If you call 1177 you will come to the Medical Advice Line. You only pay for the cost of the call. The 1177 number applies throughout the whole country, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call if you need to talk to a nurse

  • about your symptoms
  • if you require medical attention
  • to find out where you should go if you require medical attention
  • about how urgent your condition is.

The nurse can also provide self-care advice. If necessary, the nurse can call you back.

You can also call 1177 if you require emergency dental treatment and your dental clinic is closed.