Childrens ward for Neurology, Orthopedics, Surgery and Urology 95 B


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Akademiska sjukhuset, IngÄng 95, 1 trappa

We take care of children who are going to have a surgery.

Before your visit

We wish that both the child and the family are feeling well prepared before a surgery. When the family is well prepared the child feels safe and relaxed. 
The information we give can be in words, pictures, with dolls or with help från our Childrens Webb depending on the age of the child.
For example the child can try to put a needle and a bandage on a teddy bear.

During your visit

After the surgery the child is staying with us. For a fast recovery it is good if the child is coming up from the bed as soon as possible but everything is depending on how the child is feeling.


Painrelief after the surgery is very important due to healing and recovery. At Uppsala University Hospital our staff is very responsive to the childrens own experience of the pain. Smaller children may point at a face scale, whitch shows different facial expressions to show how they are feeling.