Arrhythmias Laboratory


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018-611 43 96

Visiting us

Entrance information

Akademiska sjukhuset, IngÄng 35

You come to us if you have some kind of arrhytmia - that means an altheration of your heart beat.

In our laboratory we do:

  • Catheter Ablations
  • Implantation of Pacemakers
  • Implantation of ICD
  • Removal of Pacemakers and ICD (if needed)

Before your visit

Most of our surgerys is made during daytime, without anesthetic and are mostly planned. You have to have a remittance either from this hospital or from another healthcare provider.
We treat patients of all ages - even children under 7 years old.

During your visit

Inside the room where you are going to get your treatment we give you a short report of what is going to happen.We also tell you the results if any blood samples or other samples are taken. 

Before the treatment starts, the staff will prepare everything around you.
They also clean and disinfect around the area where the catheters will be placed.

It is very important that everything is absolutely sterile to prevent infections.