Clinical Research and Development Unit

The Clinical Research and Development Unit plans and conducts clinical research in the field of Blood and Tumor Diseases.

Our mission is to play an active role in stimulating and attracting academic and industry-sponsored research. We collaborate and conduct high quality studies in line with applicable laws and guidelines. Today, approximately 130-140 clinical studies are ongoing in different phases of oncology, hematology and oncologic endocrinology.

Our vision is to be a leading clinical trial unit that creates the greatest possible value for the patient and is an obvious choice for our partners and clients.

Within the unit there is a combined documented formal competence and a solid experience in planning, starting up and conducting clinical studies, which we have done since the autumn of 2000.

Contact information

Head of unit Peter Asplund

Unit administrator Marie Ringmar

Phone +46 18 611 63 14


Switch board +46 18 611 00 00