Health-Promoting Hospital

The University Hospital is a member of the global network of Health-Promoting Hospitals, along with over 650 hospitals in 30 different countries.

A Health-Promoting Hospital naturally focuses mainly on good treatment and care of the patients. The distinguishing feature here is that the hospitals in the network undertake to work systematically to promote health and prevent illness in patients, employees and society in general.

In the psychiatry division, there is a special unit for community psychiatry and health promotion work: the unit for health promotion psychiatry. The overall aim of the unit is to promote health, pursue primary sickness prevention activities and facilitate early intervention in the population, in close cooperation with primary care and the county municipalities. The unit also aims to develop health promotion and preventive perspectives within the psychiatry division.

Patients An example of a patient health project at the University Hospital is the "Drink less" project, a project which aims to identify heavy drinkers and support them in reducing their level of alcohol consumption.

Another involves measurement of a patient's health status using computer software, where the patient enters his/her own details via a touch screen. The health profile can then be used during doctors' appointments.

Society An example of a project at the University Hospital that focuses on society is the injury database at A&E, which can provide a basis for changes to traffic environments if there is a high incidence of bicycle accidents at a certain point.

Employees Friskhuset – a meeting place for employees, with several alternative training options and a wide range of different courses, including stress management – is available for use by hospital employees.