Leading university hospital for cancer treatments

Leading university hospital for cancer treatments

Uppsala University Hospital is part of the solution to improve cancer care

On a general level, cancer survival has increased. Particularly in certain areas, great progress has been made thanks to research.

Uppsala University Hospital is one of the leading university hospitals for cancer treatments in Sweden. We work with centralized and standardized cancer care. Thousands of people receive their professional training every year and we are a world-leading research hospital in collaboration with Uppsala University. Cancer is one of our most important and successful research areas.

Leading in endocrine tumors

The Uppsala Centre of Excellence is today one of the world leading centers for diagnosis and treatment of neuroendocrine tumors.

Since 1977 diagnosis and treatment of endocrine tumors has been a special focus of interest for Uppsala University Hospital.

In order to give the patient an optimal multimodal management, collaboration with other units/specialists such as radiology, clinical chemistry, pathology, nuclear medicine, cardiology, thoracic surgery and the PET-center has been established. We can offer the patients evaluation from combined clinical teams, dedicated to neuroendocrine tumors ("one-stop-shopping").

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Uppsala Care – specialist care for international patients

Uppsala Care is the department at Uppsala University Hospital/ Akademiska sjukhuset that deals with administration, finance and service for patients from abroad.

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Sweden's first radiation treatment machine can perform high-resolution imaging in connection with the delivery of radiation treatment. 

- An important advantage of radiation therapy guided by MRI images is that the treatment becomes more individualized and can be aimed more precisely at the tumors, which can increase the chance of better tumor control and less risk of damage to surrounding healthy tissue. The MR-Linac will be used, among other things, for radiation treatment of patients with tumors in the pelvis and head and neck region, says Zahra Taheri-Kadkhoda, section manager for radiation treatment at the Uppsala University Hospital.

What distinguishes the new radiation treatment system from current technology is that treating physicians can locate tumors and risk organs with higher precision both directly before and during the actual radiation treatment. The possibility of obtaining diagnostic MRI images, when the tumor or healthy tissue changes shape, place and size between the treatments and the possibility of daily fine-tuning of radiation plans is judged to increase the treatment precision and thus results.

The Skandion Clinic – the first center for proton beam therapy in the Nordic region

Proton beam therapy is an advanced treatment method for cancer and other tumor diseases. A major advantage of proton therapy – compared with other radiation therapy – is the potential for reduced risk of radiation injuries.
The Skandion Clinic in Uppsala is at present the only clinic in the Nordic region to offer proton radiation treatments.

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One of the largest hospitals in Sweden

Akademiska sjukhuset - Uppsala University Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Sweden and the oldest university hospital in the country. The hospital employs a great many world-leading specialists who provide successful and advanced healthcare services.

Thanks to a close working relationship with Uppsala University, the hospital has strong traditions in the field of research, and our patients have access to the latest advances, new technologies and unique treatment methods.

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Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital

Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital together train more than thousands physicians, nurses and other medical staff a year. We conduct world-leading research to create new treatments and solve the puzzles of serious diseases. Cancer is one of our most important and successful research areas.

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