Arrange care

How to arrange care at Akademiska sjukhuset via Uppsala Care

To enable us to deal with your case as quickly and as flexibly as possible, please follow the instructions below step by step.

1. Contact Uppsala Care

It is best to contact us by email, but you can also call us on:

Tel. 018-611 22 97

Tel. from abroad:

+46 18 611 22 97

To allow us to process your enquiry correctly, we will need some information about:

  • The illness in question
  • The care you are seeking
  • The country where you are based
  • Your age – ideally, date of birth
  • Your contact details

We will confirm reception of your enquiry within two working days.

On the basis of this information, we at Uppsala Care will initially determine whether it is possible to offer you care at Akademiska sjukhuset.

If we progress to the next level and ask our specialists to evaluate your case, we will contact you with details of any additional information we need.

In most cases, our specialists can reach a decision within a few weeks, but it may take them a little longer, depending on the scope of the enquiry and hospital occupancy.

We will, of course, always get back to you – regardless of whether or not Akademiska sjukhuset can offer you care.

2. If Akademiska sjukhuset can offer you care, we will send you:

  • a provisional plan for your care
  • an estimate of the costs

3. If you accept our offer, we will continue with the process and

  • book care for you
  • send you – if required – an official invitation and Visa justification
  • send you an advance-payment invoice, if appropriate

4. On conclusion of your care

we send you a medical report

Proton Radiation for foreign children

This referral is to be filled in by child oncologist and sent to Uppsala Care