Goals and vision

The overall aim of PMCU is to ensure that more patients will be able to benefit from precision medicine. In the short term PMCU will be established as a local and regional collaborative platform. More specifically, PMCU will contribute to implementation of new solutions in precision medicine in the healthcare system. The long-term goal is to become a nationally leading centre in precision medicine, including precision diagnostics, precision treatment with new therapies as well as prevention of disease.

We envision that the PMCU initiative will strengthen research, development and implementation of precision medicine in the healthcare system for the benefit of patients.


PMCU is organisationally located at Uppsala University Hospital and will be headed by a director. A steering committee consisting of representatives from both Region Uppsala and Uppsala University

directs the strategic work. The centre will bring together several key actors, including Akademiska laboratoriet at the University Hospital, GMC Uppsala within Genomic Medicine Sweden and SciLifeLab.


PMCU will act as a regional partner in precision medicine, focusing on collaboration within Region Uppsala, Uppsala University Hospital and Uppsala University and associated actors and participants within Healthcare Region of Middle Sweden.

PMCU will be an arena where academic researchers can identify clinical challenges in precision medicine, and the clinical departments will have the opportunity to explore new research findings and technical solutions, paving the way for faster introduction of precision medicine in the healthcare system for the benefit of patients.

Work at PMCU is planned in three phases: launch, establishment and expansion. Prioritised areas and initiatives will be developed jointly. Examples include networking and dialogue meetings, joint investigations, contact with patient and relative representatives, and activities to support implementation of new precision medicine tools in the healthcare system. The centre will also promote knowledge and experience sharing among different departments and diagnostic areas.