For foreigners in need of specialist health care

uppsala care

Welcome to one of the largest hospitals in Sweden – and the country's oldest university hospital. Our specialist health care is also available to foreign citizens. We offer diagnosis and treatment by the foremost doctors in the world in a number of fields.

The first clinic opened here more than 300 years ago, with collaboration between the clinic and researchers at Uppsala University already a feature.

Today, this collaboration is crucial. The tradition of a close association with ongoing research means that we have immediate access to the latest advances, new techniques and unique treatment methods.

Naturally, we are very proud of our medical expertise. You will be in safe hands here. However, it is equally important that you are treated well by capable and experienced health care personnel, people who know about your medical history. You can feel safe and secure during your time with us.

Uppsala University Hospital in brief:

• 1,100 beds

• 8,000 employees

• 8,000 patients treated for various cancers

• 56,000 admissions per year

• 300,000 doctor appointments per year

• 350,000 treatment procedures per year