ENETs Centre of Excellence

The Department of Endocrine Oncology was certified as one of six European Centers of Excellence in December 2009.

The certification process was comprehensive, evaluating a large number of parameters/information/issues, that had to be described in detail by each center, such as: the organization of the department, number of specialists, number of nurses, number of new patients, number of patients seen per year, waiting times, patient documentation, treatment algorithms, treatment procedures and complications, quality documents for different procedures, presence of self-help groups (patient organizations), research activities and number of publications etc. Collaborating departments were also evaluated, including main/core partners, such as endocrine surgery, radiology, pathology and nuclear medicine. Secondary partners, such as laboratory, genetics have to be accredited.

The information was collected and sent to the European-accredited health care evaluation company, GSG Dortmund in October 2009, and then the company together with an external expert audited the department in December, 2009. The certification is valid until December 2012.


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