Papillary and folliculary thyroid cancer

Introduction of papillary and folliculary thyroid cancer
Papillary thyroid cancer comprise somewhere around 70-80% of all thyroid cancers, and Folliculary thyroid cancer around 15%. These tumors are sometimes referred to as differentiated thyroid cancers (DTC). Prognosis is excellent and with accurate treatment most patients can be cured.

Treatment of papillary and folliculary thyroid cancer
Treatment includes surgery with removal of the thyroid and sometimes the surrounding lymph nodes, most often this is followed by radioactive iodine treatment. Patients will need thyroid hormone replacement therapy indefinitely. Follow-up is mandatory for all tumors >1cm with or without lymph node metastases and consists of regular measurements of Thyroglobulin and Ultrasound (US) of the neck. For distant metastatic disease, locally advanced disease and recurrent disease, a combination of external beam radiation therapy and advanced surgery is employed. Trials are ongoing for advanced disease with new agents targeted against genetic abnormalities within the tumor itself.