Endocrine tumors

Research on Endocrine Tumors at Uppsala Centre of Excellence. Photo: Martin Cejie

Since the late 70's, a deliberate effort on research and development of diagnostics and therapeutics of endocrine tumors has been pursued by the endocrine oncology and endocrine surgery units at Uppsala University Hospital.

Thus, new diagnostics have been developed (biochemical markers, somatostatin receptor imaging, PET with specific tracers (5-HTP, 68Ga-PET), advanced radiology) and new therapies have been introduced (somatostatin analogues, interferon, embolization of liver metastases, new surgical techniques for small intestinal tumors). Improved diagnostics with determination of proliferation rate and staging have also enabled individualisation of treatment. As a consequence, quality of life and survival rates are improving. 

In order to give patients with endocrine tumors an optimal multimodal management, collaboration with other units/specialties, such as radiology, clinical chemistry, pathology, nuclear medicine, cardiology, thoracic surgery and the PET-centre has been established.