21st century

The Rudbeck Laboratory, which is the University Hospital's and Uppsala University's
major joint venture for genetic and cancer research, was opened in 2000. The hospital was certified as a Health-Promoting Hospital in the same year.

2001 saw the establishment of the Uppsala Clinical Research Centre and, in the same year, cochlear implant operations were carried out on five patients.

The Clinical Training Centre was opened in 2002. This is a centre where students and
staff can practice practical skills, CPR etc. The same year saw the establishment of the Knowledge Centre for Disaster Psychiatry.

The hospital board ceased to exist from the end of 2002. The board's duties were then taken over by the county council board's owner delegation.

As a component of the efforts to boost the hospital's competitive edge, a project was launched in 2003 to examine the University Hospital brand. This resulted in a magazine detailing international perceptions of the University Hospital and a book, which aims to inspire us to be even better at what we do, build more long-term relationships, and be respectful in our approach to patients. This year, the University Hospital became the first hospital in the Nordic region to treat patients with peritoneal cancer using hyperthermic chemotherapy.

In 2004, an intensive care helicopter was inaugurated, the only one of its kind in the Nordic region. A new ward for neonatal intensive care was also opened that year.

The intervention laboratory, with advanced x-ray equipment, was opened in the surgery department in 2005. The University Hospital thus became one of the first hospitals in the world to coordinate surgery and x-rays. 2005 also saw the introduction of electronic patient records throughout the whole hospital. A new ambulance station was opened.
The hospital also became the first in the country to introduce a permanent organisation
for work to stop the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The Obesity Centre was opened in 2006. In this year, the University Hospital also became the first in the country to offer 65-year-old men in the county ultrasound scans to detect abdominal aortic aneurysms. In 2006, we carried out our 2000th kidney transplant. The first transplant was conducted in 1969. The methadone programme celebrated its 40th anniversary.

In 2007, the first series of the TV programme "Sjukhuset" (The Hospital) was recorded. In March the same year, Uppsala gained the country's first professor in disaster psychiatry, Associate Professor Tom Lundin.

In 2008, The University Hospital celebrated its 300th anniversary by looking to the future. During 2008, three Centres of Excellence were established within the fields of inflamma-
tion, endocrine tumours and neurotrauma.

Research and teaching continues at the University Hospital in the spirit of Lars Roberg's guiding principle – clinical teaching at patients' bedsides, all in the best interests of the patient.