20th century

An asylum for long-term psychiatric care was added at Ulleråker in 1900.

Following a reorganisation in 1931, state care of the mentally ill for the Uppsala and Stockholm area was brought together under the name Ulleråker Hospital.

Research into and care of patients with physical diseases progressed quickly. In 1926, the University Hospital was expanded to include 577 beds, seven clinics and an isolation ward.

The university clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry was moved to the University Hospital – one of the first psychiatric clinics in Sweden to be held at a general hospital.

In 1961, the University Hospital became one of Sweden’s first regional hospitals. This led to the establishment of several new specialist clinics at the hospital in, for example, surgery, x-ray and laboratories. The regional areas of expertise were then plastic, brain and thoracic surgery; surgical and medical urology with dialysis treatment; neurology; specialist cardiology; rheumatology; dermatology; general and gynaecological oncology; and treatment and rehabilitation services for children with disabilities (Folke Bernadottehemmet).

In 1967, Uppsala County Council became the responsible authority for Ulleråker Hospital.

The 1960s and 70s saw the construction of several spacious new treatment buildings. It was then that the hospital gained its current reputation as a major hospital of international standard.

The University Hospital remained state-owned up to 1983, when the county council took over as the responsible authority. Five years later, Ulleråker Hospital and all county psychiatric services merged to form a single division within the University Hospital.

The University Children’s Hospital was established in 1991 as a separate division within the hospital after the three children’s clinics – paediatrics, paediatric surgery and child orthopaedics – were combined under the same roof. At that time it was the first integrated children’s hospital in the Nordic region and offered a wide range of knowledge and expertise.

In 1997, Samariterhemmet Hospital, with its county geriatric clinic, short-stay surgery and x-ray clinic, merged with the University Hospital.